Dress Up Your Donation Page

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

So you’re signed up to do a fundraiser on 360photocontest.com now what do you do (if you haven’t you can do so)? Here are a few tips to help your contest stand out:

Create an informative description
Make sure you outline why you’re raising funds and how donations will be used. Include a paragraph on how to enter the fundraising contest. Use consistant headings and text formatting to help keep the description clear and constant. A few paragraphs, around 2,000 words, should help your viewers get an idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

Use a creative banner image
The banner image you use will tell your viewers a lot about your fundraiser. This image will tell your viewers more in a few seconds than anything else on your description page. Consider using relavant colors, text, and images to help support the theme of the fundraiser you’re working on. Visuals can cause people to stay on the web page longer to learn more about your fundraiser (source). If you don’t have a designer available to you we can help you out.

Add a short YouTube video
Consider adding a short video along with your fundraiser description. A video will add a different media dimension to your donation page similar to adding a banner. Your video can be about your fundraiser, how to enter, prizes, or even updates on the fundraiser itself. If you have a smart phone, a WiFi connection, and a YouTube or Vimeo account you should have everything you need to create a video. You may also share this video to social media to add more promotion for your fundraiser.

Utilize the Rules and Prizes page
Seperating the content of your fundraiser onto different pages helps visitors find information easier. Best practice on displaying contest rules and prizes is to keep that content on the provided pages. Keeping this content seperated from your fundraiser description will help visitors find it without having to scroll or guess.


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