Exploring Different Marketing Possibilities

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Marketing for your cause is a hands-on activity at your non-profit. New marketing platforms and features keep appearing and it can be very difficult to keep up. Knowing what channels you are leveraging and where gaps might be will help you decide if a new platform is what you need. Or it might lead your non-profit to try something that’s been around for a while.

Take a social media platform for a test run
There are social media platforms that cover many different audiences, media types, and message lifetimes. To find if the newest social technology works for your non-profit you will want to ask around outside your organization to get an idea of what is used. You may also want to delegate this research to someone in your non-profit. “At least once every quarter, someone on your team should take stock of how the social networks you rely on are innovating themselves. And you need to innovate along with them,” states an article for AdWeek.

However, the gap in your marketing channels could be filled with features already offered by your current social media platform. If you’re interested in utilizing sharing a live video to your audience several popular social media platforms have a feature that will allow you to do this.

Try blogging about your cause
Blogging can potentially help your non-profit reach more people according to Britt Bravo, contributing editor and blog coach with blogher.com. Blog posts help provide another means of communication with your audience and donors. Possible topics could include a “pet of the week” feature if you’re non-profit focuses on animals. You can also give your audience updates on any fundraisers that may take place soon. Sharing blog post links through social media could also help improve awareness and visibility of your non-profit’s cause.

It’s tough to know what will be successful when marketing your cause to others. Sometimes it could take learning something new or even leveraging something that already exists with platforms you’re using. Collis Ta’eed, cofounder of the digital marketplace and educational blog network Envato, says that it takes “time, effort, practice, and a bit of patience” in order to create your marketing presence (source).


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