Increasing Donor Communications

Friday, January 27, 2017

Most nonprofit organizations are comfortable with fundraising and asking donors to donate their time and/or money. This is an art form that not all people possess and some are born with the gift of asking for gifts that go to a good cause. But what is your organization doing after your goal is reached and you are about to help those that benefit from your mission? What you do post-campaign is important to the longevity of your organization. Here are some tips to increase donor loyalty:

In a previous post (Tell Your Story) we discussed creating a compelling story to capture the hearts of your donors. This is not a one-time effort. You can create top-of-mind awareness for your cause by sharing success stories throughout the year. This will also create trust in your organization that their funds are being used properly and efficiently.

Social media is a wonderful tool to share stories, photos and links from your website. If you don’t see your donors on your pages, find them, and invite them to follow you. Give them a thankful shout out from time to time so their friends and followers see their philanthropic efforts.

In addition to sharing your news we encourage you to ask your donors for their input on how you are doing. Here are a few questions we found in a sample survey from Storytelling Non-Profit

  1. Over the years that you have generously helped us (state intended purpose of gifts of time and money); how did those gifts and involvements come about?
  2. Of the programs and services your gifts help support, what are the most important to you? Which are expressed in the most compelling way?
  3. To what degree do you feel your gifts of (time and money) to us have made a difference (to the people you serve) (to the community you serve) (in achieving our mission)?
  4. How could we enhance our efforts?
  5. What are some of the guiding principles you use to make your philanthropic decisions?
  6. What do you expect from the charitable organizations in which you are involved? To what extent are we meeting those expectations?
  7. Of the organizations to which you give, which ones do the best jobs in sharing the significance and impact of your gifts? How so?
  8. How well would you say you know members of our Board and our CEO?
  9. On a scale of one to five with five being very satisfied and one being not at all satisfied, how would you rank your level of satisfaction with your giving to our organization?

Maintaining a steady stream of positive communication with your donors builds trust and loyalty. It shows that you value good stewardship. It has been proven that if you continue to show that your organization appreciates each gift they will stay dedicated to you and will likely give more as they can.


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