Software updates and future enhancements

Thursday, November 24, 2016

We want your fundraising contest to be the best it can be and many of our current and past contest administrators have sent us feedback on how we can make contests better. Several changes have been made recently and we’re working hard to bring more changes and features to our contests in the near future.

Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to:

Contest updates

Donors may now share their email address when voting
Donors can now share their email addresses when voting. Email addresses can be used after the contest is over to send out a quick thank you or contacting later when a new contest has been started.

High resolution images will be temporarily stored for no cost
High-resolution images can be temporarily stored for contest entries at no additional cost and will allow for appropriate use for calendars or for other media purposes.

Contest URL is more shareable
The URL for contests will be easier to remember and more shareable in social media posts, emails, and other forms of marketing.

Simplified date and timezone text
To improve how dates and times are understood we have added abbreviations for time zones in addition to removing seconds from posted times. This creates a clearer time stamp for all users to understand.

Streamlined WePay account creation and payments
The sign up and payment process with WePay have been simplified to allow for a better user experience.

Entry approval notice added to My Entries page
The My Entries page now displays text to inform users that entries will be subject to approval before they are visible on the site. This change sets the expectation that there will be a wait before any entry is posted and that only quality entries will be allowed by the contest administrator.

Future enhancements

Streamlining user-interface and navigation
The navigation on the donation pages will be reorganized to allow for separation between entries and contest-related content including Rules and Prizes. Repositioning the links within the layout will help users find what they are looking for quickly.

Buttons for Enter Contest and View Entries will be placed together and given different styles to call more attention to the primary purposes of the contest: to either view entries or to enter.

Improvements to mobile device compatibility
With the changes that are being made we have kept in mind donations from users on different mobile devices. Contests can be better accessed on mobile devices to help bring more potential views and donations to fundraising efforts.

Clarification of the beginning and end of a voting period
The begin and end dates have been positioned near the Enter Contest and View Entries buttons to give users better awareness of the voting period for the contest.


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