Ways To Share Contest Time Periods

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Entry and voting periods are key times within a fundraising contest. The entry period consists of visitors entering photos related to the fundraiser theme. Voting period is when visitors to your fundraiser purchase votes for their favorite entries. These time periods allow visitors to engage with your fundraiser and help you raise funds. However, people are likely to miss out on these key periods if they don't know about them. This is why your audience needs to be reminded about what's going on during your fundraiser.

Before sharing you will have to take into consideration a few things first. Be aware of your fundraising theme because you will want to tie any aspects of that theme into your posts. Engaging in your fundraising contest has to be worth your potential entrants' and voters' time so you'll want to figure that into your social posts. Always include a URL to your posts to funnel visitors to your fundraising contest. If you have the resources available use images and video to further communicate updates and fundraiser announcements.

Before and at the beginning
You'll want to create hype to help generate interest within your audience and with potential visitors. This is also the time to start selling your fundraiser, the cause the funds will go toward, and the prizes involved. Facebook Live or Periscope can be used to give your audience an update on when your fundraiser will start. The following examples are generic but can still be used:

  • "Announcement: Entries for our next fundraiser will be accepted on August 25th"
  • "Enter our fundraiser on August 25th for a chance to win prizes"

Middle of period
Posts can be general but still stick with maintaining active language so your audience knows that there is something that needs to be acted on. Use live video on social media to give updates and encourage entry or voting for your fundraiser. Consider adding a few photos of what has been entered as an example and to build an emotional response.

  • "We only have 23 entries for our fundraiser. An entry today can still be the one that wins a prize!"
  • "The deadline for accepting entries is approaching! Enter our fundraiser today to help raise money for our animal shelter!"

Near the end
At this point use the same tactics as the beginning of the period only adding more of an active voice instead of hype. Be to sure to include reminders on where the funds will go toward. If it is toward the end of the entry period it's time to start "selling" the voting period.

  • "Don't miss your chance to help out our cause! Vote today!"
  • "Voting closes in 3 days! Your favorite entries need votes!"
  • "Enter your photo within the next 2 days to have a chance to win!"
  • "Voting begins on September 1st! Get your entries uploaded today!"


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